Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a Hello Kitty Halloween! Not slutty and definitely not scary!

The last time I actually wore a costume for Halloween was when I was about 10 years old! LONG TIME AGO, RIGHT! Since then I never dress up, I've gone to Halloween parties and been that "party pooper" that decides next year will be the year I wear a costume!  This year I made an exception! I was looking at YT Halloween videos, and NITRAAB Halloween tutorial on "hello kitty" and she had this costume on. I’ve seen it before at TARGET [for little girls] but had NO idea they also made it for adults! So I decided to purchase it online on it was less than $60 including shipping & handling. The only problem is I think I ordered a size too big! (Main reason of why I don’t order clothes online) L I looked at the size chart, and the medium measurements  are exactly my sizes, but sometimes Halloween costumes tend 2 run too small and tight...& that’s something I DO NOT WANT! So I went w/ the LARGE. Hopefully I like the way it fits, I’m actually thinking about adding a ribbon w/ a HUGE bow on the side on the waist, to make it more form fitting if it’s too loose, UGH! I’ll let you girls know how it goes, when I receive it! Btw, I don’t have NADA planned for this I better get invited to a Halloween party this year now that I have a costume on its way! LOL!  Are you girls planning to dress up, if so of what?  

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