Thursday, June 2, 2011

I took a trip to HELL-Mart because I had promised my nephews I was going to buy them some toys for a while now,and so today I finally had a chance to go. However,looking for boy toys isn't that much of an easy job so I did take a while on choosing and deciding what toys to get,and 45 minutes later I finally headed to the make-up section,and their I took another 45 minutes not knowing what to get! LOL! I really never go knowing what im going to get,but I knew I wanted something,so I purchased three lipsticks,and decided to do a "First impression Blogpost" kinda thing. Since I don't have a camera yet,I won't be posting as much but hopefully you girls find this helpful if your thinking bout buying these :)


So,believe it or not this is my very first COVERGIRL item. YES,I KNOW! crazy,right? I'm a freak for drugstore make-up but never tried covergirl..anyways,when I first seen this liptick I fell in LOVE! It's basically the perfect HOT pink! First of all,the picture is nothing close to how it looks up close and personal. I own a couple bright pinks,but this is very different.Very wearable maybe with a neautral eye,or go sexy w/ it and soft smoky eye.As the formula goes,its very soft and creamy. Not as matte as i thought it will be,I dont think i'll be wearing a lipgloss over it cause the finish is just right. One thing I did find disturbing,is the smell. It's not as strong but once you apply it,you will definitely smell it,but besides that I love the color it's just such a beautiful color & a Hot pink lipstick is something you MUST have in your lipstick collection :)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick-677 Siren

Now,Revlon is a drugstore brand I adore. Since spring is over and summer is finally here,I need to step out my comfort zone from my pinks & nudes and try something new,right? lol. Now,at first glance this color can be very intimidating and it was! lol. Their was like 6 of them on the rack,thats how much people actually WANT to pick it up lol. It looks orange,no does! I wanted something different,plus one of my YT friends made a vid but I couldn't remember if she mentioned siren or coralberry,so I just decided to buy them both! I'll probably wear this with a very natural eye (mascara,eyeliner,no eyeshadow) and coral cheeks. But overall,I love the texture of Revlon lipsticks,and you can minimize the pigmentation of the liptick as well,by patting it on instead of the regular "swipe it across" motion.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick-674 Coralberry

The other lipstick I mentioned is coralberry which is a lot more wearable and not as intimidating as siren.It's still an attention grabber but i feel as i can get away w/ it a lot more easier.I have a feeling i'll be wearing this one a lot more than siren,& what i love about Revlon lipsticks is that they are odor free! No smell at all,I own a couple of them and none of the ones I own have a odor,so that's definitely a plus. I don't any color lipsticks like siren or coralberry just a revlon lipglos-coral reef which is CORAL and it's gorgeous as well! So check this items out ladies,don't be afraid to try something new & if you like them grab them,their perfect for summer! xoxo..


  1. I WANT TO TRY THAT SIREN ONE!!! i'll pick it up & we can totally wear it on the same day lolol

  2. i love all those lippies!!! i hate going to walmart too its sucha a drag but it has everything you may ever need!! lol